The Hunterville School Home and School Fundraising Committee exists primarily to bring our Hunterville whānau and community together and to co-ordinate fundraising activities that benefit the children.

Each year we work to raise money to help Hunterville School to provide a fantastic learning environment for our children.

While called a committee, it is not a formal committee, and to be involved does not require you to take up an official post or even attend every meeting. It is about involving anyone who wants to support fundraising for our learners to have the best learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. We would like to think that people can come along and offer their ideas and support whenever we meet. It would be great to have more parents support us and help share their skills and ideas. Another benefit of attending the meetings helps you to connect with other parents and some of the staff, within the school community. It is also a great way for Parents/caregivers and whānau to be further updated on what is happening in and around the school.