Greg Parkes Board Chair/ Presiding memberMatt Howard PrincipalAnna Dobbs FinanceBridget Harvey Personnel Andrew Ramsay PropertyJed Mcalley PropertyJP Koteka Staff Representative

The Hunterville School Board of Trustees is a group of five elected parent representatives, one elected staff representative and the principal who is ex-officio. We have a governance role that involves setting the strategic direction and long term plans for the school.

  • Each Board member is allocated responsibility to oversee a portfolio/ aspect of the school development or plan.

  • While the Board has overall responsibility for the school, we are not involved in the day-to-day running of the school. The principal is the day-to-day manager so they should usually be the first point of contact for most matters (after contact with a teacher in the first instance)

Learn more about what a School Board is expected to accomplish from the NZSTA website.