Learning outside the classroom is essential in the course of extending and developing children's minds and opportunities. A student who is aware that learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom, at every time and every where is a student whose learning experiences are endless. At Hunterville school, we are working on developing and including more and more opportunities to teach and learn beyond the four walls of the classroom, with the use of open-ended tasks, opportunity for problem solving independently and in groups and a recognition of the value and offerings Papatūānuku has provided us. This approach is considered likely to assist in the development of learners who are confident, considerate, aware of their environment and whom are resilient, don't back down from challenges and see the value in every interaction they have. It is through this lense our students will learn, that learning itself, never ends.

Roald Dahl once said " The more risks you allow children to take, the better they learn to take care of themselves". Consistent with this approach, high-quality outdoor learning experiences are expected to reflect cause and effect analysis, enhance health benefits (both physically and mentally), build and assist in the development of physical skills and motor development, and extend upon the love of learning being taught in the classroom, to reflect the notion that learning that never stops. This focus also allows a further platform for teachers to encourage leadership, self-directed learning, and team work.